CLERMONT-FERRAND, France – February 16, 2021 – PlanetObserver and Kalisio have entered into a strategic partnership in the field of mapping platform. This partnership will allow them to offer new access solutions to global mapping data.

Proven expertise in geospatial data

PlanetObserver is specialized in the processing and production of high value-added geospatial data. Its range of data includes global imagery and elevation mosaics together with very high resolution data from Airbus DS. With more than 30 years of expertise and know-how, PlanetObserver is involved in all projects requiring imagery and elevation, whether in the Defense, aviation or GIS sectors.

Development of innovative geospatial solutions

For its part, Kalisio is a software development company whose activity is essentially based on open source software and open geospatial data. It offers high-performance, innovative and open solutions to respond effectively and sustainably to problems encountered in many specialized fields, such as civil security, aeronautics, space, or defense. Kalisio’s expertise is at the crossroads of geomatics, visualization and web technologies.

New mapping platform offerings

The partnership between these two French companies comes from the synergy between their respective expertise, i.e. data and geospatial platforms. This complementarity is truly optimal to develop new access models to 2D and 3D mapping data. The objective is to offer reliable services tailored to the user’s needs for all their projects.

Target markets for these new service offerings are both public clients (such as government departments and agencies) and private companies for all their GIS (Geographic Information System) or geographic data visualization and analysis needs.

With this strategic partnership, PlanetObserver and Kalisio are committed to bringing high added value to users through new service offerings and rich cartographic content. Besides, projects are already in development, including a new mapping service in SaaS mode (Software as a Service). The launch of this mapping platform is scheduled for Spring 2021, so stay tuned!

About PlanetObserver

French company set up in 1989, PlanetObserver’s mission is to help the Defense, aviation, mapping and GIS sectors to optimize and enrich their projects with performing and frequently updated satellite imagery and 3D data. All PlanetObserver products are developed in-house and based on the company’s know-how in geospatial data processing as well as more than 30 years of technological expertise.

PlanetObserver products are ready to use for a wide range of applications such as :

  • Defense: GEOINT solutions, flight simulators, etc.
  • Aerospace: Visualization and simulation, satellite image orthorectification, in-flight entertainment solutions (IFE), etc.
  • Mapping: Web applications, mapping platforms, GIS, etc.
  • Graphics animation: Weather visualization solutions, etc.

With a constant commitment to R&D and innovation and mastery of cutting-edge technologies, PlanetObserver is positioned as the supplier and partner of leading companies located in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific such as Dassault, Thales, Boeing, CEA or New Zealand MetService.

About Kalisio

Kalisio is a company created in 2017 in Aude (Occitania, France), specialized in the use of geospatial data. The company has a broad range of solutions to process, ingest, disseminate and use this data. Kalisio is also a player in the open world: we contribute, sponsor and develop open source solutions. In addition, these solutions help enhance the value of open government data (Open Data). At Kalisio, we implement a policy of collaborative development with our partners. In a spirit of open innovation, we participate in the digitization of territories and fight against the digital divide.