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Online Map Services

Access high quality and up-to-date global basemaps via an efficient web mapping service.  Get your free trial now!


Work in reliable geographical environments for better decision making

Benefit from subscription-based online map services that deliver immediate streaming access to fresh and global data. They include performant georeferenced imagery and elevation basemaps. Save the costs of handling, storing and updating your data products internally!

Maximize your projects with reliable and efficient data

Power your GIS applications, visualization and mapping solutions with performing global imagery and elevation data!

30m - PlanetDEM- MountLebanon

Up-to-date global imagery and elevation data

Get a quick and easy streaming access to quality global mapping content, updated regularly! Maps include PlanetSAT Global 10m imagery basemap, and PlanetDEM 30m Digital Surface Model,

30m - PlanetDEM- Mount Taranaki, New Zealand

Fluid and easy navigation worldwide

Streaming services enable customers to efficiently access and navigate map data at all scales, from global to local.

Direct integration with leading GIS platforms

Easily connect your GIS applications (ArcGIS, QGIS) and professional applications. Combine our reliable global imagery and elevation data with your own authoritative content and analysis environments.

Rely on quick and efficient online map services

Fast and easy setup

Instantly connect your GIS and professional solutions with our streaming services.


Scalable pricing 

Benefit from rates adapted to your projects, and easily upgrade as your needs grow.


Reliable data at your fingertips

Give your organization easy access to high quality map data.


Our online map service products

PlanetSAT Global 2022

Benefit from a current and ready-to-integrate 10m global imagery basemap for all your professional applications, from modeling and simulation solutions to GIS tools and web mapping platforms. Imagery is updated annually!


Power your solutions with elevation data offering a complete pole-to-pole coverage of all emerged land with a 30-meter grid spacing. Offering one solution for your worldwide operations!

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Need a higher resolution for your project?

VHR Imagery

Easily access VHR Imagery down to 50cm for any point of interest across the world (available upon special request).

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How do I access the online map services?

Access the web services through your own web browser, or stream the data through GIS applications such as ArcGIS Desktop, QGIS or your business application, based on standardized OGC WMS/WMTS/WCS services.

How often is new content added to the web services?

PlanetSAT Global imagery basemap is updated on a yearly basis. When new content is added to the package(s) to which you subscribe, you will have access to this content without any additional cost.

How can I try the online map services?

Check the free-to-use viewer for PlanetSAT Global imagery basemap: click here.

How to set up the subscription and the service?

After choosing between PlanetSAT and PlanetDEM, create an account and after paying, go to the integrate title in the left sidebar menu, and look for your desired integration method. Then proceed by following the steps.

How to buy and pay for the service?

Payment is done online by PayPal, credit card or by bank transfer.

How do I get a discount?

We offer a 10% price reduction for the subscription to both PlanetSAT and PlanetDEM datasets. . Contact us to benefit from the discount.

Can I host the data locally?

Yes! If your organization requires the datasets locally for preservation or security reasons, we can help you.

How do I stop my subscription?

Your subscription is valid for 1 month with tacit renewal. You can terminate the subscription anytime at the end of a one-month period.

Discover 4 use cases in GIS and Mapping


Defense & Intelligence

As Geospatial Intelligence plays a crucial role in military operations and in the broader context of human security, enhance your GEOINT operations with powerful raster and vector data for efficient geo-driven decision making.

Land Administration & Mapping

Geospatial data powered in GIS software help cities, state and local governments together with planning professionals analyze, visualize, and evaluate how, where, and when new projects should be conducted in terms of urban and mobility planning.


Civil Engineering & Infrastructures

Combine your own data with our reliable geospatial data for planning, developing and managing infrastructure projects, from electric and energy services, communications to transportation.

Oil, Gas, Mining & Renewable Energy

Give your own data spatial context to conduct analysis in the different stages of planning, exploration, production and monitoring of assets of the oil, gas, mining and renewable energy sector.