PlanetDEM – Enhanced Global Digital Elevation Model

Rely on trusted elevation data for civil and military mapping and simulation projects and solutions

Now available as an online map service!

Reliable and Ready To Integrate Global Elevation Data

Global coverage

Power your solutions with elevation data offering a complete pole-to-pole coverage of all emerged land with a 30-meter grid spacing. Offering one solution for your worldwide operations!

Seamless and reliable data

Benefit from totally enhanced, void-filled, and corrected elevation data at the global scale that ensures accurate analysis.

30m and 90m resolutions available off-the-shelf

Access trusted 30-meter and 90-meter elevation data based on DTED standards (military standard), and available as Digital Surface Model (DSM).

Ready-to-use for all types of applications

Save  time on data handling! PlanetDEM elevation data is ready-to-use in your prefered environment, from GIS applications, orthorectification processes, terrain modeling solutions, to military simulation and training tools.

7m Vertical and Horizontal Accuracy

Fully Documented Product

Advanced Quality Control

36% Of The World Corrected

Compare PlanetDEM with open source data

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Choose your AOI

Get customized deliveries of your areas of interest, from a few square kilometers up to the global coverage.

Free testing service

Check before buying! Enjoy a free data testing service with sample delivery before purchase. Test the elevation data in your own software solutions to evaluate the quality and benefits that you will offer to your clients.

Rapid Delivery

Benefit from on demand delivery for your project. We guarantee the fastest delivery of your area of interest in the required resolution.

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Discover 4 use cases

Defense & Intelligence / Modeling & Simulation

Thales Optronique, France – PlanetDEM elevation data are embedded in land and ocean monitoring systems and solutions developed by Thales Optronique.

Aerospace / Orthorectification

European Space Agency (ESA) – As part of the Copernicus program, PlanetDEM elevation data are used to perform the orthorectification of Sentinel-2 satellite imagery data.

Mapping / GIS Solution for Oil & Gas

TotalEnergies, France As a broad energy company integrated across the entire oil and gas value chain, TotalEnergies uses PlanetDEM global elevation data to plan and monitor its energy operations worldwide.


Mapping / GIS Solution for Energy & Defense

CEA, France – This French research organisation operates in the areas of energy, defense and security, information and health technologies. They use PlanetDEM global elevation data for GIS mapping across various projects.

"We selected PlanetObserver global imagery basemap to create a new virtual World Data Base for Thales Full Flight Simulators. The product met our main criteria which were: enhanced color quality of the imagery, up-to-date data, and standard formats ready-to-use in our solutions."

Muriel Amouroux-Fousse
Manager, Thales Training & Simulation

"We have successfully updated the Airbus OneAtlas Basemap with PlanetSAT Global imagery mosaic. It must be said that it has surpassed our expectations. We really like the enhancements that the medium resolution imagery layer has brought to OneAtlas Basemap services in terms of global overview and the more homogenous transition from lower to higher zoom levels. Their product has really improved the user experience."

Nicolas Vernon
Product Manager OneAtlas Basemap, Airbus DS

"We’re very happy with PlanetObserver satellite images. The standard products are easy to implement in our solutions and their team is very helpful for all our special requests. They provide constant support and very fast product deliveries for all our projects."

Hermin Aftahi & Florian Schröder
CEOs, Ask - Innovative Visualisierungslösungen GmbH


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