End-User Demonstration License Agreement


For PlanetObserver products

1. Definitions

END-USER : shall mean the person acting in his own name or the legal entity to whom the PRODUCT is supplied and who accepts the present LICENSE.

PRODUCT : shall mean any satellite imagery, aerial photography and elevation products supplied by PlanetObserver for internal test purposes.

Please read the terms and conditions of this End-User License Agreement (hereafter the « LICENSE ») carefully before downloading and/or using the PRODUCT. Any use of the PRODUCT implies the irrevocable acceptance of all the terms and conditions of this End-User Demonstration License Agreement by the END-USER.


2. License

This is a legal License Agreement between PlanetObserver and the END-USER. This End-User Demonstration License grants the END-USER a limited, non-exclusive and non-transferable LICENSE allowing the following usage:

The END-USER may install the PRODUCT on one computer only for internal test purposes.
The END-USER commits himself not to authorize any person to reproduce, transmit, disseminate or make available in any way the PRODUCT and/or any product developed from the PRODUCT, or any part of it, to third parties, by electronic or other means, free of charge or in return for payment.
The present LICENCE is granted to the END-USER free of charge and is effective for three (3) months from the date when the PRODUCT has been made available to the END-USER. After three months, the END-USER shall destroy all PRODUCT, without any notice being necessary.
This End-User Demonstration License Agreement terminates automatically if the End-User breaches or is presumed to have breached any of its terms. The END-USER shall have no claim of any kind in this case.


3. Property rights and copyright

The PRODUCT is and shall remain the property of PlanetObserver. It is protected by French and international copyright laws.
The following obligatory copyright notice must be mentioned with all graphic, digital and electronic use of the PRODUCTS:

  • Products PlanetSAT Global and PlanetDEM: © PlanetObserver
  • Other products : as stated in the corresponding invoice
  • Copyright applies even if the PRODUCT is modified in whole or in part.


4. Liability

PlanetObserver does not warrant that the PRODUCT is free of bugs, errors, defects or omissions.
PlanetObserver does not warrant that the PRODUCT will meet the End-User’s requirements.
Neither PlanetObserver, nor anybody having contributed to developing the PRODUCT, shall be liable for any direct or indirect, consequential, incidental, material or incorporeal damages arising out of the use of or inability to use the PRODUCT, and shall not be subject to legal action in this respect.


5. Terms of use of collected data

The END-USER is informed by the present LICENSE that personal data marked as required in contact forms and collected as part of the service described in the present LICENSE are necessary for using this service, are only used as part of this service and are exclusively used by PlanetObserver, which takes necessary precautions, to the extent possible, to safeguard your personal data.

The END-USER authorizes PlanetObserver to use collected data to contact him as part of the described service. PlanetObserver undertakes not to use collected data for any other usage.


6. Juridiction

This End-User Demonstration License Agreement is governed by the laws of France. All disputes shall be referred to the courts of Clermont-Ferrand, France.