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Museums and Special Events

Use our satellite imagery and 3D data to illustrate various issues including environment and climate change.

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Mathieu Lehanneur "50 Seas"

The French designer Mathieu Lehanneur presents ’50 Seas’, a collection of 50 faïence works inspired by the many shades of blue of the oceans and seas of the world. Right now on show at Christie’s in Paris, this unique series is based on 50 colors selected by the designer in PlanetObserver satellite imagery.

How satellite imagery and elevation data are successfully used in 3D animations

Kinship has produced a very slick 3D animation based on our satellite imagery and elevation data. The journey is displayed on the satellite maps, with windows opening up onto rich and intense experiences. An animation that takes you on a vast journey and opens up new horizons…

Arte Show “With Open Maps” Features PlanetObserver Satellite Maps

The Franco-German Arte channel was in need of new design, new geographic animations. PlanetObserver has supplied PlanetSAT Global imagery basemap and PlanetDEM 30 Plus global elevation data to the team “With open maps”. Both datasets cover the entire Earth’s landmass. Processed mainly from up-to-date Sentinel-2 and Landsat 8 data,

"We selected PlanetObserver global imagery basemap to create a new virtual World Data Base for Thales Full Flight Simulators. The product met our main criteria which were: enhanced color quality of the imagery, up-to-date data, and standard formats ready-to-use in our solutions."

Muriel Amouroux-Fousse
Manager, Thales Training & Simulation

"We have successfully updated the Airbus OneAtlas Basemap with PlanetSAT Global imagery mosaic. It must be said that it has surpassed our expectations. We really like the enhancements that the medium resolution imagery layer has brought to OneAtlas Basemap services in terms of global overview and the more homogenous transition from lower to higher zoom levels. Their product has really improved the user experience."

Nicolas Vernon
Product Manager OneAtlas Basemap, Airbus DS

"We’re very happy with PlanetObserver satellite images. The standard products are easy to implement in our solutions and their team is very helpful for all our special requests. They provide constant support and very fast product deliveries for all our projects."

Hermin Aftahi & Florian Schröder
CEOs, Ask - Innovative Visualisierungslösungen GmbH


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