CASE STUDY : Hong-Kong Planning Department

Satellite imagery data are key components for urban planning. The Hong Kong Planning Department developed a comprehensive web-based GIS (Geographic Information System) project to assist planners and engineers in all areas of urban and infrastructure planning. In this context, PlanetObserver was mandated to provide medium resolution imagery to monitor urban change.

BACKGROUND – GIS and urban planning

The HK Planning Department was established with a mission to make Hong Kong a better place to live and work. They are in charge of the policy portfolios of planning, land use, buildings and urban renewal in Hong Kong. In addition, they are responsible for the territorial development strategies. Their goal is to provide a broad planning framework to guide future development and provision of strategic infrastructures in Hong Kong. 

In the past, the HK Planning Department had overlooked the proper use of land, the construction and buildings, and processes of urban renewal in Hong Kong. Therefore, they needed to come up with efficient solutions in terms of urban planning.

CHALLENGE – Medium resolution satellite imagery in GIS solutions

To reach their different objectives, the HK Planning Department needed to analyse and explore not only their local environment but also their surrounding region which covers the whole of Southern China. In other words, they needed to provide the best imagery basemap for geographical reference to their engineers and planners. 

The project was to use a 10-meter resolution imagery mosaic covering Southern China. The imagery would be used for visualization through a web-based GIS system aimed at all offices and departments within the Hong Kong SAR Government. 

The challenge was to base their planning on an imagery mosaic that would be detailed enough to showcase their whole region of interest. Furthermore, they had set a number of key features to which the product had to conform, i.e. up-to-date data, homogeneous mosaic, natural color processing.

SOLUTION – PlanetObserver global imagery mosaic

The client contacted PlanetObserver, leading geospatial data provider and expert in imagery processing. They had indeed identified PlanetObserver’s global satellite imagery basemap with 10-meter resolution. They figured out that this product could potentially meet their needs.

PlanetObserver was definitely up to the challenge and ready to provide the best satellite imagery to help engineers and planners visualize properly Hong Kong surroundings.

For this purpose, we supplied a medium resolution satellite imagery mosaic of the whole of Southern China, which offers many benefits to GIS users.  

First of all, the imagery basemap is updated every year in order to provide accurate and current geographic information in all regions of the world.

Moreover, the mosaic remains unmatched with a 10-meter resolution at the global scale. Such medium resolution provides accurate spatial details that are perfect for land monitoring.

In addition to this feature, users benefit from natural colors and a seamless view of the Earth with a reliable and most of all, unrivaled color balance. 

Lastly, and most importantly, the satellite imagery mosaic is totally view-ready in a GIS solution and does not need any further processing. All the work is in the expert hands of our team which is in charge of optimizing and adapting the product to the client’s needs.

In conclusion,, the HK Planning Department eventually benefited from a high-quality satellite imagery mosaic that is totally adapted to their use case.

THE FUTURE – The power of medium resolution imagery 

There are numerous applications for medium satellite imagery in GIS solutions. Today, nations use information derived from satellite imagery for various purposes:

  • Government decision making 
  • Urban planning
  • Civil and Defense operations

Consequently, data captured through satellite imagery has now become mandatory in many GIS projects. Most government plans are to be submitted on the basis of satellite imagery data, for instance. 

PlanetObserver is dedicated to help companies and organisations in all their mapping and GIS projects. Customers benefit from our 30 years of technological expertise in satellite imagery processing.