AI and the geospatial industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic across many industries. The adoption of AI has grown dramatically over the past years. Therefore, many organisations now rush to integrate and deploy AI methodologies in their core business practices and workflows.

Artificial Intelligence also largely applies to the geospatial industry. For example, GIS functions, geospatial data processing and analysis algorithms increasingly incorporate AI technology,

Microsoft is totally involved both in AI and in the geopatial industry. For one of its AI programs, Microsoft has chosen PlanetDEM global 30m elevation product to perform geospatial data processing.

AI for Earth, an ambitious program by Microsoft

Microsoft has launched different AI programs to support researchers, non-profits, and organizations who are using technology and AI to innovate and solve some of today’s challenges. Different disciplines are being tacked, including environment, accessibility, humanitarian action, cultural heritage, and health.

AI for Earth is Microsoft’s program dedicated to the environment. As part of this program, cloud computing resources, powerful AI tools, as well as AI expertise and training, are made available to organizations working on environmental and conservation issues and projects.

PlanetDEM elevation data used by AI for Earth

Within AI for Earth program, Microsoft offers a number of technical resources. They range from open-source tools, models, infrastructure and data, to APIs to support sustainability and environmental science. The open data program includes key geospatial and conservation datasets hosted on AI for Earth cloud.

In order to enrich the open data catalogue, Microsoft’s team is currently working on the processing of global atmospherically-corrected Landsat and Sentinel imagery archives. To carry out this project, Microsoft has selected PlanetDEM 30 Plus, our enhanced global 30m elevation dataset. The product is used for backend processing.

PlanetDEM 30 Plus elevation product offers totally enhanced, void-filled and corrected elevation data at 30m resolution, with a global coverage. it is a trusted and reliable product already used by the European Space Agency, Thales and Dassault Aviation, just to name a few.

PlanetObserver is dedicated to help companies and organisations in all their projects. Customers benefit from our 30 years of technological expertise in geospatial data processing.