Inflight Entertainment and moving maps, or how to enhance airline passenger experience

The US company Flightpath3D develops innovative inflight entertainement solutions (IFE). Those solutions have been chosen by about 30 airlines across the world and are being used by millions of passengers.

However, in a strong competitive environment, how can Flightpath3D differentiate its offer and make it more attractive for its customers?

Moving maps, the new competitive advantage

Flightpath3D offers a very innovative 3D moving map application in its IFE solution. What is actually a moving map? It’s the map that every passenger can display to see the aircraft flight path and the plane’s location.

According to a study quoted by Duncan Jackson, President of Flightpath3D, over 67% of the passengers visit the map at least once. On average, passengers visit at least seven points per flight.

One of the levers chosen by Flightpath3D is to enhance passenger experience by enriching the moving map app with high quality cartographic backdrop. The target is to offer passengers highly realistic and attractive views of all overflown areas.

Behind the scenes

To achieve that goal, Flightpath3D is not only looking for enhanced satellite imagery backdrop but also for the proper service so that they can get ready-to-use maps customized according to their specifications.

Flightpath3D has set up certain technical specs in terms of imagery resolution and quality, both for land and sea. Indeed, the full world view needs to be attractive as this is the first image that passengers of long-haul flights get to see. The requested satellite maps have to be eye-catching and reflect landscape diversity.

Flightpath3D has contacted PlanetObserver in order to evaluate at first the quality of our global imagery basemap PlanetSAT Global. Flightpath3D had numerous issues:

  • Will this imagery product in natural colours bring the required sexy touch to their application?
  • Can a special processing be applied on ocean and sea?
  • Can we deliver the data on time?

We’ve reviewed all issues together in order to provide the most efficient solution to Flightpath3D. In the end, Flightpath3D has integrated our imagery basemap in its application and brought that way the desired sexy touch.

30 airlines with 200M passengers love our maps!

This is the result that Flightpath3D has achieved today.

This success is both due to the enhanced quality of the satellite maps provided by PlanetObserver, and to the services and contents offered to passengers in Flightpath3D IFE application.