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Meet our team of imagery experts, researchers and map lovers

Our mission

We thrive to develop innovative geospatial products that maximize the visual and technological performances of our clients’ projects and solutions in the Defense, Aerospace, Mapping and GIS sectors.

Advanced expertise in data processing

All PlanetObserver imagery and elevation products are developed and produced exclusively in-house by our team of engineers and technicians, backed up by a solid know-how and expertise in data processing tools and techniques developed for over 30 years.

High level of service

We’re an experienced and committed team who works with great enthusiasm to provide the best service to our customers and partners. Customer First is our philosophy.

Customized approach

Beyond the unique quality of our geospatial data, we accompany each customer with his project to ensure satisfaction and peace of mind.

Improve your project and solution performances

Get a non-binding quote within 24 hours.

More than 30 years of expertise

In 1989, the story began with the simple goal to make satellite imagery accessible and understable to the large public.

At the time, only researchers had access to such material. We started with an imagery mosaic of La Reunion island, then the Auvergne in Central France to expand and cover the whole world at different resolutions.

We’re happy to have helped thousands of customers maximize the visual performance of their projects and solutions over the last three decades.

And we’re looking beyond.

We are committed to come up with new and innovative products and solutions to map the Earth.

Our values


We always strive to provide effective solutions and added value to our customers and partners, no matter what!


Our customers appreciate our technological expertise strengthened through constant new skill development.


Being curious and daring to try something new while accepting the risks, that is our permanent innovation approach.


Our credo is to anticipate, embrace change and constantly adapt to our environment and customers.

Meet our team of imagery experts, researchers, and map lovers.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Sales & Marketing Director

Pierre Dubus

Chief Technology Officer

Bruno Delfour

Satellite Imagery Technician


Supported by Connect by CNES to develop innovative products and services using space technologies and solutions.

Eureka Label awarded by the European Union, it is the highest European honour in Research and Development.



Member of Aerospace Valley Competitiveness Cluster dedicated to the Aeronautics and Space industry.


Member of « La French Tech » network gathering French startups and innovative SMEs.

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