Very High Resolution Elevation Data on Demand

Benefit from accurate and reliable data for all your project needs


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WorldDEM™ – The new standard of Global Elevation Models

Complete pole-to-pole coverage at 12-meter resolution coupled with an unrivalled accuracy and quality are the key assets of WorldDEM™.

Elevation8 – Large-area DEMs at a high accuracy

Elevation8 is derived from SPOT 6/7 stereo and tri-stereo optical satellite data and is best adapted when large-area coverage is required.

Elevation1 & 4 – Highly precise altrimetric information

Based on matching of very high resolution Pléiades optical stereo imagery, Elevation1 & 4 are ideally suited for any kind of relief (urban or environmental).

Improve your project and solution performances

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Benefit from Very High Resolution Elevation Data



Benefit from current and ready-to-use elevation data for all your professional applications, addressing mapping, terrain analysis, GIS, oil & gas and military needs.



Rely on elevation data with high accuracy levels providing reliable and precise information to enhance a wide range of applications.



Get standardised elevation data for any spot on Earth based on military standards, available as Digital Surface Models (DSM) including the « first surface » elevations and Digital Terrain Models (DTM) representing the bare Earth elevation.


Anywhere in the world

The high resolution elevation data range provides highly accurate information anywhere in the world and covers all requirements from large-area coverage for large-scale projects to high resolution for local coverage.

"We’re very happy with PlanetObserver satellite images. The standard products are easy to implement in our solutions and their team is very helpful for all our special requests. They provide constant support and very fast product deliveries for all our projects."


Hermin Aftahi & Florian Schröder

CEOs of Ask - Innovative Visualisierungslösungen GmbH

"The use of PlanetObserver global imagery and elevation data was perfect to upgrade Weatherscape XT maps. We get fully calibrated files for our system that can be updated on-demand. This solution gives us a lot of flexibility to provide customised data to our customers."


Neville Booth

Product Owner for Weatherscape XT weather visualisation system, MetraWeather

"We’ve been working with PlanetObserver since Air Navigation Pro application was launched. We very much appreciate the responsiveness of the whole team. They regularly come up with new product suggestions that are totally consistent with our own developments."


Johann Huguenin

CEO, Xample

For all Geospatial Industries

Defense & Intelligence

Get a better understanding of the environment in your GeoINT operations, modeling & simulation tools and mission planning systems.


Improve the performances of your GIS tools for efficient mapping, terrain analysis and exploration of natural resources.

Improve your project and solution performances

Get a non-binding quote within 24 hours.