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A customer-centered approach

A trustworthy team

Beyond the unique quality of our data, we assist you, as professional satellite imagery provider, throughout your project to ensure satisfaction and peace of mind.

A responsive customer service

Our strong points? Our flexibility and reactivity to answer your needs and deliver data adapted to your projects within short delays.

Prestigious clients

With a constant commitment to R&D and innovation, and mastery of cutting-edge technologies, PlanetObserver is positioned as the supplier and partner of leading companies located in Europe, North America and Japan.

"We’re very happy with PlanetObserver satellite images. The standard products are easy to implement in our solutions and their team is very helpful for all our special requests. They provide constant support and very fast product deliveries for all our projects."


Hermin Aftahi & Florian Schröder

CEOs of Ask - Innovative Visualisierungslösungen GmbH

"The use of PlanetObserver global imagery and elevation data was perfect to upgrade Weatherscape XT maps. We get fully calibrated files for our system that can be updated on-demand. This solution gives us a lot of flexibility to provide customised data to our customers."


Neville Booth

Product Owner for Weatherscape XT weather visualisation system, MetraWeather

"We’ve been working with PlanetObserver since Air Navigation Pro application was launched. We very much appreciate the responsiveness of the whole team. They regularly come up with new product suggestions that are totally consistent with our own developments."


Johann Huguenin

CEO, Xample

Save time by integrating project-ready satellite imagery and elevation data



Our satellite imagery and elevation data are perfect for different applications, ranging from GIS, web-mapping to 2D and 3D visualization and simulation solutions, and audio-visual production.


Tailored to your needs

Depending on your needs, from the most simple to the most demanding, we will offer adapted products, from satellite imagery, elevation data to aerial photography, based on your specifications.


On local and international scales

PlanetObserver works in close partnership with a network of national and international distributors and partners. This locally-based service grants all users access to our satellite imagery and elevation data.


Free testing service

Check before buying! Enjoy a free data testing service with sample delivery before purchase. Test the imagery data in your own software solutions to evaluate the quality and benefits that you will offer to your clients.

For all Geospatial Industries

Defense & Intelligence

Get a better understanding of the environment in your GeoINT operations, modeling & simulation tools and mission planning systems.

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Enhance the performances of your flight simulation solutions and flight planning apps with realistic and reliable 3D landscapes.

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Upgrade your GIS tools and web mapping apps with visually appealing backdrops processed with high quality imagery and elevation data.

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Graphics and Animation

Update your news & weather graphics systems and IFE solutions to market standards by enhancing them with our impactful satellite imagery.

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Enrich your video animations, publications and communication campaigns with unique and colorful satellite imagery.

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