CNES expertise at the service of innovation

The French National Centre for Space Studies (CNES) is responsible for the development and implementation of the French spatial program. It is the most important national space agency of the European Union countries.

In order to support innovation linked to space, the French Space Agency has set up Connect by CNES. This service is dedicated to opening the potential of space to companies and organizations in France. With Connect by CNES, companies and startups benefit from the expertise of the CNES to develop innovative products and services using space technologies and solutions.

PlanetObserver is very happy to benefit from the support of Connect by CNES for the development of key geospatial projects.

Collaboration with the Lab’OT for Earth Observation projects

One key component of Connect by CNES is the Lab’OT dedicated to Earth Observation data needs and projects. They actively support companies from the research phase to the implementation of their projects.

What is their approach? Firstly, they offer access to CNES technical platforms to test our services using Earth observation data. Moreover, they provide a large variety of data, advanced tools and technical resources. They also offer their support to produce POCs (Proofs Of Concept).

PlanetObserver benefits from the specific support of the Lab’OT to develop new and innovative geospatial products.  We are indeed engaged in a comprehensive Research & Development project in the field of elevation data. We already offer a global elevation dataset with 30m resolution. Our goal is to come up with an upgraded product offering enhanced and documented data.

To achieve our technological advances, PlanetObserver relies on a highly qualified team and a solid strategy. The support provided by CNES and Connect by CNES also contributes greatly to the project’s success.

Connect by CNES is a great environment to work in. We’ll be happy to show the results of our work by the end of 2021. Stay tuned!

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